@midwest Roundup

There have been some awesome blog posts by some of the @midwest bloggers and we just wanted to highlight some of the useful information that’s been floating around!

What Started It All

Take a look at the @midwest press release. This gives details about the conference, costs and contact information.

Why We Walk the Way We Talk

This is a great blog post by Brian Huonker that shows some really powerful social media statistics. This post includes an astounding video (with great music I might add) that details the social media revolution. If you don’t look at any other blog post, I would highly recommend this one.

250 Words or Less- Why I Blog

If you are looking to start blogging, Karen Hanrahan is the girl for you. She has run her own blog for several years along with helping others create their own. This blog post gives readers a challenge to write in 250 words or less. Why? Check it out.

Walking and Talking or Texting or Gaming Or…

This was written by our own, Erik Anderson. This post points out valuable mobile statistics. It’s interesting to see how the mobile world has changed within just a few years. Erik talks about how to develop and implement a plan to fit your business style.

What Do I Use Social Media For?

This article is about social media from a college student’s perspective, Jessica Funcannon. From job hunting, to connections, to marketing… social media can be used in several different ways. Take a look at social media from a little different perspective.

Gotta Get a Gravatar

Why should you get a gravatar? Take a look at what Elizabeth Snyder has to say about the fact. Gravatars are a way to show blog readers who you are!


Why I Use Social Media For Insurance

This is a great post written by Brent Kelly. He takes a look at the practical uses of social media and he writes about how he uses it for his insurance business.

These are just a few of the blog posts on the @midwest web site. For more posts and information, visit www.atmidwest.com!

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